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About CARE Group (Consortium For Auto Recycling)

CARE is a collaborative project involving the main UK motor vehicle manufacturers/importers and vehicle dismantlers. It's objective is to research and technically prove materials re-use and recycling processes with a view to reducing the amount of scrapped vehicle waste going to landfill from the disposal of End of Life Vehicles (ELV's).

This work is being carried out to meet the requirements of the forthcoming European Union directive on ELV's. The directive lays down landfill targets for vehicle waste and a series of conditions on how those targets can be acheived.

The CARE Group works closely with ACORD (Automotive Consortium on Recycling and Dismantling), details of the important work which ACORD is involved in can be found on the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) website.

Disposing of Your Old Cab

If you have a vehicle that you want to dispose of you should contact one of the two national schemes, Cartakeback or Autogreen, depending on the make of the vehicle. Check
this web page to find out which scheme to contact.

You can locate your nearest Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), where the car can be taken for free disposal, by using the postcode finder on each of the scheme's websites.

Visit the Vehicle Disposal contact list